With a flair for style and drive for innovation, we approach every task with optimism and our fun-loving attitude. We create opportunity, capture attention and exceed expectations.

We are a Styling and Public Relations Agency, specialising in image development and effective communication.

We know how powerful a confident, clear and cohesive image is, for an individual and brand. That’s where we come in.

Your style is not just the clothes you put on in the morning or the colour you chose for your logo, it is who you are! We want to help you discover refine and communicate who you are effectively to your target audience.

With a range of offerings specific to both individuals and brands, we can develop your image, increase your awareness and will have your target audience cheering your name.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we service national & international individuals and brands.

But why are we unique you ask? Well…

  • We not only have an in house stylist, but we are also connected to the most recognised network of Australian and International stylists.
    This allows us to provide you with personal styling services to have you looking your best to present your brands and feeling your best self every day. We also have a stylist involved in every piece of visual content we deliver, ensuring your content is not only perfect but also engaging and creative.
  • We also have an online publication that we want to grow into the next Vouge, but with a touch of lifestyle, business and career. Working with us, you have exclusive opportunities for advertising and features, to engage STYLEtise.com audience of success hungry woman striving for their dream lifestyle.
  • We partner with top tier agencies that offer complementary services such a digital marketing & data management to deliver your brand a holistic solution.
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Your Head Cheerleader, Founder & Director of STYLEtise

Full of personality and drive, Alarna is excited to build your brand's success.

Alarna's love of learning has seen her broaden her skillset in business, events, PR & fashion styling, allowing her to offer unique & complementary services in house.

Regularly sharing a laugh & a sneaky glass of wine, Alarna creates genuine lasting relationships with her clients while building their success.

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