Brand Exploration Session & Document

One on one session digging deep into who your brand is and what you stands for. We set aside at least two hours where we sit together and go through ideas, bounce thoughts and we get a deeper understanding of your brand, your voice & what you are doing currently so we can fill in the gaps and help you with making the most of potential opportunities.

From there based on our session and in depth research, we create a Brand Document capturing the essence of your brand, that becomes a reference for telling the story of your brand. This document will allow you to create consistent brand visuals & messaging.

Your Brand Document will include;

Goal Development
Brand Message Break Down; Vision, Mission, Voice, Values, Language, Key Audience identification, Look/Feel, Points of difference …and overall brand positioning.
SWOT Analysis
Competitor Analysis

Why do I need a Brand Document?

A brand document is essential to creating a cohesive & trustworthy brand. As explained above, a brand document outlines every detail about your brand. Having everything about your brand on paper allows you to not only have clarity, but it also gives you a reference point. This document is to be used as a reference when creating anything new within your business from a new product to writing an Instagram caption. This document will allow you to keep a cohesive brand message across every level of your business.


Why would a cohesive brand message build the trust of my audience?

Trust is built base on consistency and visibility. Your audience will generate their first impression of your brand within the first 3 seconds and then takes approx 7-12 touchpoints before your audience will consider making a purchase. If your brand message is different each time they come across your brand they will become confused  audience want to see you regularly and they want to

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