The cost of a 30-second national television ad or a one-page magazine ad can be well over $100,000 and these ads may
not even reach your target audience.

We are offering the ultimate campaign to engage your target audience and reach sales targets… without doing a thing. Utilising multiple influencers with a large engaged following who align with your brand guarantees you will effectively reaching your target audience. Pairing this with an engaging experience your audiences can follow along is a winning recipe we have cooked up ready for you.

Your brand doesn’t only receive exposure. You are receiving quality content showcasing your brand to use in your social strategy.


What is Brands Abroad?

Brands Abroad is an exclusive service offered by STYLEtise Agency with our travel partner The Travel Movement to create eye-catching content and invaluable buzz around Fashion & Lifestyle brands in spectacular locations.

We curate exclusive trips/brand experiences with our travel expert to engage a specific audience that aligns with multiple brands who have complementary offerings.

By bringing brands together on one trip, costs become lower but reach increases! Reaching not only the influencer’s audience but the other brand’s audiences too.

How does it work?

We tailor trips to one specific audience and invite brands who want to capture their attention, creating an experience that cultivates an aspirational lifestyle that audiences can follow along on the adventure.

Only one brand per product category is represented on the one trip, ensuring exclusive opportunity for each brand

A curated group of influencers with highly engaged followers and align with each brand’s target audiences are invited to attend the exclusive trip.

A team of professional photographers & videographers capture authentic and captivating content for the whole trip, showcasing your products used by well-known influencers in stunning locations.

Content is shared on social media across each brand & influencer’s platform tagged with #brandsabroadtrips to ensure all audiences can come together and follow and engage with the activation.

You receive high-quality images & videos showcasing your product to utilise in your social strategies.

1. View our upcoming trips

Our collaborative brand activations are tailored to engage a specific target audience. Check out our upcoming trips to see which campaign aligns with your brand’s audience and sales targets.

2. Register your interest

Once you have found a trip perfect for your brand, register your interest and tell us which product category you want to secure.

3. Review proposal

We deliver an in-depth proposal outlining everything you need to know about the trip and campaign, as well as the curated group of influencers and brands you will be collaborating with.

4. Secure your product category

Only one brand per product category is represented on one trip, ensuring exclusive opportunity for each brand. All registered brands are sent the proposal and it is first in best dressed to secure your brand’s product category and position on the trip.

5. Time to showcase your brand

We manage the whole campaign for you. From making sure the influencers are having the time of their lives and sharing appropriate content with all required tags, to ensuring our photography/videography team is capturing every moment.

6. Present the data

During the campaign, we will monitor the level of reach and engagement the trip/influencers have delivered and present the data in a neat and tidy report.

7. Content delivery

Within a week post-trip, you will receive the full content deck of the images & videos captured during the trip for you to continue the campaign across your platforms.

Melbourne to Sydney Road Trip, Supporting bushfire devastated towns across Victora & NSW

This trip is to support and promote the beautiful towns through Victoria and NSW that were devastated during the Summer of 2019/2020 Bushfires. Celebrating our fun-loving adventure-seeking Australian lifestyle, we are strategically selecting a road trip route where we will be supporting accommodation, cafe’s, restaurants, shops and entertainment providers through towns affected by the bushfires.

Target audience; Australian men & woman who love the outdoors, adventure and making the most of life.


Natural Zen in Daylesford, Victoria

This trip is designed to champion natural products, slow fashion and taking care of yourself.

Target audience: Woman 25 to 35 years of age, care about what they put on their skin, doing their part for the environment and being the best version of themselves.


Living the dream in Hamilton Island, Queensland

This trip is showcasing the ultimate summer holiday experience. Exploring stunning beaches, enjoying fun activities and experiencing the beautiful location of Hamilton Island.

Target audience: Males & females 18 to 30 who enjoy the good life. Love the luxuries of beautiful accommodation and delicious food, as well as enjoying an adventure and laugh with friends. They chase the sun and make the most of life.


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