Your style is important. It is in no way superficial, it is who you are, as a brand and an individual.

When people see you in person, see your social media profile or open your website for the first time, their first impression is made within 3 seconds.

We get you in front of your target audience and make those 3 seconds count!

Here's how we can help...

From one-off services to gain invaluable brand clarity, project-based services to activate your brand, to creating a custom service package to suit your specific Public Relation needs.

Brand ClarityBrand ActivationsCustom Services


Seconds for a first impression

We help you ensure your appearance effectively communicates who you are within those first 3 seconds with exceptional styling, imagery and copy.


Trust word of mouth recommendations over advertising

We help you increase word of mouth recommendations organically by building the trust of your audience, strengthening your socials and creating buzz to get them and the media cheering about you.


Positive touchpoints before consumers purchase

We help create strategies to draw your audience into your sales funnel ensuring they will consume your content regularly to get them purchasing quicker.


Women Use Social Media for Purchasing Advice

We help ensure your social media is effectively communicating who you are, what your offering and always building the trust of your audience by presenting high-quality, engaging and strategic content.

We are a full-scale Creative & Public Relations Agency specialising in effective and strategic brand communication. Below are a few of our favourite offerings…

Public Relations

- Brand & image development
- PR & Communication strategy
- Event concepts & management
- Brand experience/content trips
- Collection preview/showings
- Generating media attention & features
- Product placement
- Influencer & VIP relations

Content Creation

- Regular/seasonal campaigns
- Product imagery
- Photography concepts, management & production
- Look book assets and production
- Creative direction
- Social media content

Social Media

- Social media strategy & execution
- Social content planning
- Account management
- Influencer campaigns
- Social media audits
- Social engagement activations

Personal Styling

- Celebrity & VIP styling
- Campaign & lookbook styling
- Style consultations
- Event & special occasion outfit styling
- Wardrobe analysis & edit
- Personal shopping experiences
- Styling workshops
- Virtual stying

We curate exclusive trips & brand experiences that engage a specific audience for singular brands or multiple brands with complementary offerings, to create eye-catching content and invaluable buzz around Fashion & Lifestyle brands in spectacular locations.
In this day and age, it is not enough to simply share a pretty picture. Audiences want to feel connected and taken along on the experience, that is where we can help…
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